Coping with life in 2020 taught us many things. In the darkest hours and when the pandemic denied us our basic rights of seeing the friends and family we loved I realised just how invaluable the ‘photograph’ had become.  

When was the last time you gave a photograph the love it deserved by printing it, mounting it in a beautiful frame and hanging it pride of place on your wall?  Be honest; I bet it was a long time ago.  I'm going to be ageist here and suggest that the older generation are far better at displaying prints of loved one than the younger generation are.  Storing an image on a mobile phone is just not the same.   Although I photograph people for a living, I don't practice what I preach.  I have hundreds of photos waiting to be printed.  Even of my new baby who is now a year old.  

When the days became long and the struggle for finding normality became more and more challenging I would often find myself looking at photographs of my family and friends just to feel that connection with the outside world and to ground myself .  I made a promise that I was going to stop putting off the task of printing and framing photographs because these were memories to be cherished.  Too often I’ve looked at a photograph and told myself I would print it later.  It never happened.  I regret this now.

So, as we enter a new year and with a different perspective on the fragility of life and the importance we place on loved ones I ask that you join me in a challenge...

Print 3 photographs of ones you love – friends, family, pets, whatever makes you smile, and frame them.  Show them the love they deserve.   Then as we carve our way through 2021 and when days become tough we can look at these photos on our wall and be filled with joy.  

It wasn’t all bad in 2020 but it certainly tested every single one of us in ways we never thought possible.  Here’s to a brighter 2021 and to being thankful .