A Pre-Lockdown Wedding at the Bay Tree, Burford

I've been feeling really discombobulated the last few weeks and it's been a real effort to try and keep a positive hat on. I'm one of the many sole traders who have fallen through the gap of government support so it's the stress has been huge. I was going through some old albums today and this wedding at the Bay Tree in Burford really hits a nerve with me. It was my last wedding pre lockdown and it fills me with all sorts of emotions. I created a little video to it and watching it has made me well up with emotion and I'm not afraid to admit I cried. If only we knew then what we knew now. Although the worry makes me want to give up, I will NOT put my camera down. Photography is my life and my passion and making people happy is what gets me through. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. xxx