What happens on a Cotswold family photoshoot?

A Blog from an Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire Family Photographer

I'm showing my age now but I clearly remember being forced (not literally) to take part in a family photograph my mum had arranged when I was about 7. It was the time when natural photographs were not commonplace and instead we could expect a big, scary old man came to our house. He arrived and we were ushered in to the lounge and placed in poses that were completely unnatural and stiff, forcing a smile . I was a real tomboy and was happiest when climbing trees and covered in mud, but for this family photograph my mum had bought me a brand new outfit which consisted of a green pleated skirt, smart pink polo top and multicolour waistcoat. Oh and shiny shoes. Not me at all.

We repeated the staging of poses inside, outside, inside and back again. We also had our little Jack Russell, Lucky, included for good measure. She hated men so it was not straightforward, I'm sure it wasn't as bad as I remember but one thing is certain, it was NOT a fun experience.

Fast forward to 2020 and times are different!

If we ignore the elephant in the room that is Coronavirus I will focus on what you can expect when I photograph. Children are allowed to be children and parents parent how they see fit. My brand is all about capturing natural personality in a candid style. This means capturing the REAL YOU, If you or your children don't wear suit and trousers in day to day life then I don't want to see it at our photoshoot! If you live in boots, jeans and snuggly tops then that is what you should wear on the shoot. You and your family need to feel comfortable and able to be themselves.

Natural Personality - Candid Style -

The aim of the shoot is to capture a glimpse of what it is like to be in your family. So if you like to run around and jump in muddy puddles then we will do this on our shoot. If however, you prefer to walk quietly and enjoy nature then we can capture some more serene images. I have picked locations that offer space. beautiful views and capture the Oxfordshire & Gloucestershire Cotswolds at its best and I'm sure you will love these places too. Or, if you have your heart set on a different location then I am also happy to travel. It goes without saying that your four legged friend is also welcome. This is YOUR shoot and my aim is to ensure you have fun and ultimately that you get the images that you love and will take pride of place in your home.