You're Getting Married, Wahoo!

anyone can take a photograph but providing professional wedding photography means having the confidence and experience to provide so much more...

It is having to wear many hats, and each hat provides the recipe for a professional, empathetic and authentic photography experience. It is being there in the morning to calm the nerves, help with the buttonholes, the plasters, forgotten sewing kit and scissors! It means making sure my bride has been given time and space to breathe before her big moment, and providing the glucose tablets when the energy has dipped.

Lara Jacques Photography knows when to listen and provide reassurance, and when to give the couple space. I watch and observe the day as it unfolds, reading the atmosphere of a room to tailor my coverage accordingly. My calm, friendly manner and ability to blend in like a guest ensures nerves are kept at bay when a camera is present.

I know when to pounce and press that shutter and when to step back and give you time alone. After all, it is YOUR wedding day not mine, and my sole aim is to provide professional coverage and cherished memories that reflect your day perfectly.

"...'Lara blended in perfectly, she was calm , discreet, and hugely passionate..."

—Gabriel S.


So, what am I paying for?

The Cotswold Experience!

All full quality, edited digital images. (450+ for a full day)

An online, password protected web viewing gallery where guests can view and download images.

*3 beautifully mounted 10x8 prints of your choice*

As much contact / support / reassurance as you need.


"...'Lara these are just AMAZING! We have just had the best time going through our photos and reliving the day. They are so natural and we didn't realise you were taking half of them!
We can't thank you enough, you made our day. You feel like a friend now, not just our photographer"

—Sophie & MAtt, merriscourt


I want to book you, what now?

A.Great! Once I receive the signed booking form along with the 20% deposit the date is yours. I can reserve dates for a short while while you decide if you request this.

Why should I book you?

A.I can't make the decision for you. Picking a photographer is a very personal choice. However, I really hope you like what you have seen - professionalism , fun, friendship , discreetness and natural photographs of your day. If so, then let's talk!

Can I extend the session on the day?

A.Yes, of course! I am not a clock watcher. A lot of people book me thinking they will hate every minute of having their photographs taken then on the day, completely come out of their shell and want me to stay. I only take one booking a day so if this happens, then I can stay and we can sort the additional £ after.

Will there be a second shooter?

A.No - however I can provide one for an additional cost. I specialise in smaller weddings (under 100 guests) but for larger weddings, second shooters are advised.

What equipment do you use?

A.I am a Canon lover. I won't be converted I just love Canon!

What if something goes wrong?

A.Noone can make 100% guarantee's that nothing will ever go wrong however I do everything I can to minimise the possibility of anything going wrong. This includes:
Using two camera bodies and back up memory cards in each camera
Carrying a variety of lenses should one be lost / damaged
I am fully insured including public liability insurance
I have photographer contacts should i be unable to attend
I keep fit and healthy as best I can - never undertaking dangerous sports shortly before a booking
Keeping my car serviced and tyres in order as best I can

I need a florist / hairdresser / cake maker

A.I can help! I have worked with many different suppliers and can provide recommendations from florists, live bands , hairdressers, just about anything!

Do I have to order prints through you?

A.Not at all. Many clients use online printing companies such as photobox or similar. However, if you are 'going large' or making photobooks I would strongly suggest using a professional printing company. Yes, it is more expensive but the quality is guaranteed

Do you shoot destination weddings?

A.I would LOVE to! Let's talk!